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Your letters are filled with intimate details and descriptions of various Kamasutra positions. I assume you want to try all these coitus positions with me. In your letters, you have not been requesting for my love. It surprises me that you are commanding me, as if I have been your lover or mistress for a long time. You have been ordering me to open up my mind to you and share my secret thoughts and desires. Sharing my innermost feelings and thoughts with anyone else scares me because I may be misunderstood. Why are you so confident that I accept you as my lover? I am sharing all my secret thoughts with you now, because now I accept you as my soul mate.

You have become a mysterious man and definitely aroused and awakened my romantic love feelings and sexual desires. I now believe true romantic love exists. Honestly, you have already invaded me, opened me, and entered me, penetrated me and occupied my mind fully without my permission. The penetration is so deep, touching the core, to the bottom of my mind I have been forced to think of you ever since you wrote your first letter. You have occupied my mind and intervened so effectively that I cannot think of anything else except you. I am surprised at my own self, Travesti Escortlar before I start sorting out my Masöz & Partner & Arkadaş feelings and enjoying the freedom of my newly acquired status of widowhood that I am influenced by you and awakened to think of love and sexual pleasure. It is as if I have been waiting eagerly to be a widow to start a love affair with you.

When I read your letters, I feel you, feel your love as if you are touching me, cuddling me, and embracing me and feeling and exploring every part of my body. Sometimes, I think and feel you are communicating with me through Telepathy. You are reaching my mind effectively transferring mind-to-mind communication, thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensations and mental images. I feel you are reaching me through your mystic telepathic power whenever you want, because I feel your presence as if you are there with me and my mind and body is filled with pleasurable sensations.. I can feel the waves of your love surrounding me. I can feel and sense you that you are watching me. You are making me to think about you always. telepathically.

I feel you are sending sexual love and making love to me telepathically, because whenever I think of you, I feel aroused and stimulated and body responds uncontrollably with desire. Yesterday, when I was taking bath nude and later on dressing, I felt you were with me, in me, into me, watching me, touching me, fondling me, kissing me, entering me, exploring me, and opening me, Did you make love to me at that time? It may be my imagination, but I think you tune the frequency of my mind and send your waves of desires telep Bornova Escort Bayanlar thically to me and receive my inner thoughts. I cannot help or control thinking of you and feel your presence sometimes when I am in the midst of people, in the college, in the classroom teaching or at home, suddenly you enter my mind and I feel your presence in me, around me and with me and my body responds. Sometimes it is an embarrassment to conceal the waves of pleasure, when I feel your presence with me, surrounding me, because my juices flow out, dripping on to my thighs. I become wet and cannot stand or walk. My petticoat becomes wet.

Thank you for your sustained love for so many years. I am curious to know how do you know me, what do you know of and about me, and where did we meet, Do you still love and desire me with the same intensity? I would have accepted your love had you informed me eleven years back when I was at TTTI. But you were there one year later. I was staying in the Hostel away from husband. I could have been your lover all these years, had I met you eleven years back. I missed the opportunity to meet you then and experience your intense love and romantic all these years. It would have been wonderful. I would have been happy to be owned by you, to belong to Oral Seks Yapan Escort , to be your mistress. I wonder how many women do you own. Have I become the latest acquisition and a member of your harem.

My reawakening immediately after my husband died and receiving your love letters Serik Escort surprised me. I am ready from expecting to be done with sex to having an intense physical relationship, to experimenting in a way I never had when I was younger and married, and finally, to being with You. But more importantly, rediscovering my sexuality helped me to be open to enjoying life again, and to look at new things with curiosity instead of judgment. I think I am now ready for you. The change in my outlook about life and the way I think is now pronominally conspicuous, incomprehensible, inconceivable, incredible, notable, noticeable, prominent, remarkable, outstanding, salient, striking, strange, unimaginable, unthinkable it reflects in all aspects of my living. You are the only reason for influencing the changes and transformation in me to become a new confident person. Surprisingly, even my children are happy noticing the positive change in me and they know it is you who invoked me to become a more confident sexy sizzling sensuous woman. Had I known that you have been waiting for me to become free from marriage, I could have divorced my late husband to be your lover or enjoyed having extramarital relationship with you.